Remoulade Dip Sauce

Remoulade Dip Sauce

Ingredients for 10 portions

80 g QimiQ Classic, unchilled
125 g Mayonnaise 80% fat
30 g Onions, finely sliced
60 g Pickled gherkins, finely chopped
15 g Capers, finely sliced
15 g Anchovies in oil, tinned and drained, finely sliced
5 g Tarragon mustard
10 g Lemon juice
10 ml Parsley
5 g Chervil, finely chopped
5 g Tarragon, finely chopped
Salt and pepper



1. Whisk the QimiQ Classic smooth.
2. Add the remaining ingredients and mix well. Season to taste.


QimiQ Classic Advantages

  • Acid stable and does not curdle

  • No eggs required

  • Creamy indulgent taste with less fat

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