Mascarpone and Chestnut Cream Gateau

mascarpone cake cream

Ingredients for 1 Ø 26 cm ring

30 Lady fingers
For the cream
500 g QimiQ Classic, unchilled
250 g Mascarpone
250 g Cream 36% fat, whipped
120 g Sugar
1 sachet Vanilla sugar
1 Orange, juice, and finely grated zest
100 g Chestnut puree
1 tbsp Icing sugar
1 tsp Rum
1 pinch Cinnamon



1. For the cream: whisk the unchilled QimiQ Classic until smooth. Add the mascarpone, sugar, vanilla sugar, orange juice and orange zest and mix well. Fold in the whipped cream.
2. Mix the chestnut puree with the icing sugar, rum and cinnamon.
3. Cut the lady fingers into 2 halves. Place a cake ring onto a baking sheet and place the lady fingers into it to form a base. Brush with milk.
4. Spread one part of the cream onto the base and place the remaining lady fingers around the sides.
5. Form small balls with the maroni puree and distribute evenly on the cream. Spread the remaining cream on top and smooth.
6. Allow to chill for at least 4 hours.


QimiQ Classic Advantages

  • Creamy indulgent taste with less fat

  • Enhances the natural taste of added ingredients

  • Quick and easy preparation

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