All QimiQ Products contain milk/ cream as an allergen.


QimiQ Classic Vanilla and QimiQ Whip Vanilla contain colouring beta carotine as an additive.

Qiminaise contains preservative sorbic acid & colouring lutein.

What does QimiQ mean?

QimiQ is a word creation, stemming from the words, "quick" and "milk", demonstrating how quick and easy the product is to use.

Is it possible to re-warm dishes made with QimiQ?

Yes, for example soups and sauces can be repeatedly re-warmed without danger of separation.

Is there a comparable product on the market?

No, QimiQ is a unique product. It has a worldwide patent and registered trademark.

How long can QimiQ be stored?

QimiQ can be ambiently stored un-opened for up to 12 months.

Are there any artificial additives in QimiQ Classic?

No, QimiQ Classic is a completely natural product, without emulsifiers or E numbers.

Is QimiQ an Austrian product?

Yes. QimiQ was developed and is produced in Austria. It is also produced in Switzerland, Japan and USA The trademark QimiQ and the production process patent are registered and protected worldwide by HAMA.

Can QimiQ be used with all foods?

QimiQ can be combined with almost all foods, the only exceptions being fresh kiwis, pineapples and papayas.
These fruits contain enzymes which destroy the protein in all dairy products, making the resulting end products curdle and taste bitter. This can be prevented by using conserved fruits or by pasteurising and then chilling the fresh fruit before use.

Can QimiQ be used in diet and health foods?

Yes, QimiQ only contains 15 -19 % fat and is suitable for most diet forms, such as diabetes, low cholesterol and celiac diets.

Can white wine be added to a QimiQ sauce?

Yes, QimiQ is acid stable, so white wine or lemon juice can be added without any problems.